Acquiring Preferred Risk Through Embedded Experiences

A Data-Driven Approach to Finding and Securing the Safest Drivers

For the $311 billion auto insurance industry, growth is expected to slow in 2021. But even as companies spend ever-larger sums to attract new prospects, they face challenges when it comes to sorting out which drivers represent the best risks. This makes finding new, profitable customers more challenging than ever.

To continue to grow profitably, it seems that auto insurers have little choice except to try and lure the best drivers away from their competitors. But how do they even know who the best drivers are? And how do they acquire these drivers in the most cost-effective way and price their policies to be both profitable and competitive?

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Key takeaways

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Auto insurers are struggling to capture good drivers with traditional marketing tactics while facing rising CAC


Fairer, less costly, and more accurate customer acquisition solutions like Insurance Qualified Leads (IQL) are needed


Acquiring preferred risk through embedded experiences like test drives allows both insurers & policyholders to reap benefits

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